Azores Islands are closer than people imagine: around 2 hours from Lisbon and about 4 hours from the main airports of Europe, USA and Canada. With a natural green beauty, they’re acclaimed all over the world.

Azores Islands: an ode to the pure Nature

Azores Islands are a group of nine small islands placed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. With the nickname “The Green Islands”, they have an intense green vegetation, covering almost every inch of the landscapes. With dormant volcanoes, fumaroles, natural warm pools, lakes and UNESCO sites, these islands provide incredible experiences.

Their mild climate all year long and the tranquillity make them a world-renowned destination. Being a budget-friendly, another special detail about Azores is how easy and close is to get from island to island, with their inter-islands flights.

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Suggested Activities in Azores Islands

From relaxed to adventure experiences, Azores Islands will fit the inspirational demanding of your team!

Kart-Cross Tour

through Azorean volcanos

Whale and Dolphin watching

at São Miguel Island

Treasures Hunt

at Terra Nostra Park

Azorean Gastronomy Tour

Furnas stew, wine, tea and cheese tasting)

Mountain Bike Guided Tour

around Azorian lagoons

Horseback Riding

through the countryside

Venues and Places in Azores Islands

Have you ever thought about organising your event in a completely different Destination? Welcome to Azores Islands. Among nine incredible islands, here every day will be different… and that’s why they are a place worth discovering.

Here you will find amazing and modern hotels for your corporate event, unique amphitheatres, several museums and greenhouses that will fit your needs. Here you can find the balanced mix of fun, sporting green adventures and work.

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