Why Outsource your Incentive Travel Program?

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By: Margarida CunhaApril 04, 2018


Organizing an incentive travel program can be time-consuming and demands great experience and knowledge about the destination and all the logistic process. Would you be prepared if something unexpected happened on your group incentive travel program? At one point you will probably face the question, “Should I outsource?” To run a successful program that keeps your audience engaged and motivated, you need one backed by professionals. Discover the main reason why outsource your next incentive travel program will be the best option.

Time, Time, Time...

Organizing an incentive travel program for a big team can be quite challenging: from all the management, to the booking of flights and accommodation and planning meaningful team building activities, there is a lot to think about. If you already know which goals you want to achieve with this travel and you feel lost about the next steps, is because organizing such an event is quite a task. If you want to save yourself time (and money) the best option is to outsource the program and ask a professional team to manage your event.


Experience and Professionalism

If you want your incentive program to achieve measurable results, it is very important that all the details of the travel are very well thought. Is important that your team does meaningful team building activities, having enough time to enjoy as well as time for reflection and relaxation. Professional incentive management teams have plenty of experience dealing with many different teams in various contexts. Therefore, they are well prepared to customize your corporate event in a way that makes sense for you and your company but also to give advice about the best options to make your corporate event a success.


Fast Answer

In travels with big groups of people sometimes the unexpected happens. If you contract a specialized team, they will take care of every detail for you and your group will have the best experience. However, if for some reason something does not go as planned, because they have so much experience dealing with all sorts of situations, they will be able to have a quick response, solving any unexpected issues. This will make sure your incentive is run smoothly and you can enjoy it as much as your team, because someone will take care of the situation for you.

Real Cost


When outsourcing your incentive travel program, you will be presented a real cost for this corporate event. Because the company manages every detail (from the flights, to the accommodation, extra-activities and transportation) you will be able to have a clear idea about the total investment. If you are managing it by yourself this might not be that clear, as each point will be an extra to the total cost of the trip. In addition, incentive travel companies have partnerships with other market players making sure that you will receive the best proposal for your incentive travel program.

For any corporate incentive travel program to accomplish its goal, you must determine how much you can spend and what options are available. And you must anticipate potential problems. By outsourcing this service, you will be reassured that everything is taken care by professional teams. Get in touch for more information.

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Margarida Cunha

Margarida Cunha is Copywriter at Incentives Portugal.
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