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By: Margarida CunhaMarch 19, 2018


Incentive travel is booming. Business has changed a lot in the past years, a great percentage of the jobs are now service-focused, and with the raise of service jobs, has come the rise of incentive programs. Everybody wants non-cash rewards, experiences are being more valued than cash rewards. Discover more about 2 raising trends for incentive travel: Experiential Travel and Wellness Travel, and how you can include these activities in your next incentive program to create an unforgettable corporate event for you and your team.

Experiential Travel

Whether you are looking to reward your team for their hard work and dedication, or you want your staff to feel more motivated, Experiential Travel is a great opportunity to make your event become special and memorable.


By inviting your team to do an Experiential Incentive Travel you will be creating an event in which the team will experience the place by immersing themselves in the culture and the history of the place their visiting. Portugal is a great country to do an Experiential Travel, because of its history, cultural heritage, traditions and a great gastronomy. In Portugal you will be able to discover and experience unique heritage places and try some of the most interesting traditions of the country. From the typical festivities, to the food there is a lot to choose!

If you want your team to do something that can develop teamworking skills, you can enjoy the Portuguese culture of being by the sea and go for a sail experience in an emblematic place such as Tagus river or Douro River.


It is also possible to experience the fresh produce and flavours of the delicious and rich Portuguese gastronomy by experimenting a Portuguese Cooking class and learn how to prepare some of our traditional dishes: your team will love to learn about their own taste skills in this amazing local experience, and this can be a great way of strengthening team bonds.

As a country that produces wine it is also possible to participate in the harvest, one of the oldest wine activities in Portugal and certainly one of the most genuine and traditional ones. Or to participate in a wine-making ritual which will enhance your team’s skills. They will also be amazed by the beautiful quintas (vineyard estates) where these activities take place and be very well received by the welcoming locals.


 Wellness Travel

If you had a very stressful year and your team did a great job, perhaps you want to book a staff trip to unwind and recharge batteries, but also to tell your team how important their hard work was. A Wellness Travel Program is a trend for Incentive Travel and offers activities that can be good for the mind and body of your staff. You will be organising a corporate event that combines relaxing activities, like massages, spas, swimming and sports with activities that are good for the mind such as walking tours, hiking and doing yoga, for example. These incentives usually take place in beautiful settings that will inspire your team and make them feel happier, calmer and more connected with the others.


Portugal is a great destination for Wellness Travel, especially for its beautiful landscapes, the closeness to the sea and the refuges by the nature that are very peaceful. You will be able to enjoy world-class spas at very affordable prices, enjoy the outdoors thanks to the lovely weather all year round and be close to the nature which gives a lot of options of team building activities that you can do with your team.

A variety of thermal destinations in Portugal, also offers hot springs and mineral water with great characteristics to heal and relax.


The Mediterranean food and diet, very healthy and made of very fresh and delicious produce will also contribute to a successful wellness incentive program, in which your team will feel truly blessed and relaxed.

Whether you are looking for an Experiential Travel or a more relaxing retreat if you feel inspired by these suggestions and you would like to host your next incentive in Portugal. Get in touch for more information.

Margarida Cunha - Incentives Portugal

Margarida Cunha

Margarida Cunha is Copywriter at Incentives Portugal.
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