Top 5 Reasons to Have a Strategic Kickoff Meeting

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By: Margarida CunhaJanuary 03, 2018

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At the beginning of a new year, it is important to set goals for the year ahead. We share with you the Top five reasons why a kickoff meeting is the best way to start the new year and how it will boost your team’s morale and improve results.

1 - Setting the Goals for New Challenges

When starting a new challenge, communication is the key. It is the best time to gather the team and make sure they are up to speed with the next move. Is also a great opportunity to have an enjoyable moment, and to set the goals for the new year. This will allow the team to be more confident and better prepared for the new challenges.

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2 - Listen to New Ideas

If you are planning to do a kickoff meeting and gather your team, take the opportunity to invest some time listening to new ideas from your co-workers and colleagues. It is proved that brainstorming is a great way of finding creative solutions, which is central for a business. The secret is to innovate and succeed. Also, this is an excellent chance to look at aspects that could be improved. This will make the team feel more involved, valued and motivated.

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3 - Improve the Communication

Especially if you are developing complex projects with teams from different departments, probably some people never worked together before, or they don’t know much about each other. A kickoff meeting may work as an ice-breaker, and a great way of promoting good relationships amongst colleagues. This is very important to encourage a good work atmosphere that will improve team morale.

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4 - Define Team Rules and Responsibilities

A kickoff meeting is a way of setting the business goals for the next months or for a new project that is about to start. In this meeting, important themes are discussed, such as resources, time and the teams.

Getting to communicate with all team members about what they will be up to, the kind of tasks they will be doing and what results are expected from them is extremely important. This will provide clarity, giving a sense of purpose, and helping increase the teams’ confidence, as each one of them will be able to look at how important they are for the project to succeed. This will impact on motivation and consequently increase your team’s productivity.

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5 - Building Team Spirit

Since usually kickoff meetings are special events in organisations, they can provide unique moments that are very important to build team spirit and a fun atmosphere amongst everyone. By starting the year with an enthusiastic event in which everyone will be together looking at the exciting future ahead, is crucial for every project to bloom and for every team to stay motivated.

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If you are planning a kickoff meeting, just get in touch and we’ll get back to you right away with some exciting options.

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