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By: Margarida CunhaFebruary 26, 2018


Sailing can be an excellent team building activity as it implies great communication, fast decision making and effective team behaviours. Sailing facilitates strategic planning and enhances problem solving skills. Maximizing a sailboat's performance is remarkably similar to maximizing a company's performance. Find out more about sailing activities in Portugal and discover the beautiful Portuguese Atlantic coast with your team.

Sailing as a Team Building Activity

Sailing is great opportunity to get away from the daily routine and developing excellent interactions as a team. Besides, it is a very team-oriented sport and it improves communication, collaboration and developing leadership capabilities. This can be extremely beneficial, improving work atmosphere, decision effectiveness, communication and motivation.

Sailing can be compared to any working experience: you might be finding a sunny pleasant journey or a more troubled and adventurous one. The multiple challenges you will face while doing a sail, and the fact that the team is facing them together, is a factor that strengthens bonds and trust.


Sailing in Portugal

Portugal is a very popular destination to do incentive travel programs and offers excellent conditions for sailing. The mild weather and the Portuguese coast are a great way of discovering the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. It is not by chance that Portugal holds some world-renowned sailing races and has regions as Cascais and Lagos, amongst the best in the world for the practice of this sport.

With cliffy beaches, incredible landscapes and beautiful town ports, you will also have the opportunity of visiting exciting new places and discover the Portuguese culture and gastronomy, while sailing with your team.


Regatta in Douro River

If you are planning to do a nautical team building activity, Porto can be an excellent option. In this vibrant and beautiful city, you and your team will have the opportunity of discovering the city from one of its most popular assets: the Douro river. Here you will find a very rich culture, welcoming locals and fabulous food. You will also discover more about the Porto wine, which used to be transported through the river in the Rabelos, traditional boats that you will probably get the chance to see while sailing in Douro River.


 Regatta in Tagus River

If you choose to discover Lisbon and experience an exciting team challenge, a regatta in Tagus river can be a fantastic option. You will discover the Atlantic coast, combining friendly competition with the relaxation of a day spent on a sailboat surrounded by charming views. By doing a sail challenge in Lisbon, you will get the chance to know about the region, taste some great food and discover more about Portuguese culture, while having a memorable experience with your team.


Benefits of sailing for a team

Sailing can be a very relaxed experience, but it is all about team work and effort. It is about helping others and cooperate to reach a goal and specially to face challenges. Teams learn how to receive and give commands and how to communicate effectively, developing strategic planning, fast decision making and enhancing problem solving.


Take your team to the next level! Challenge them for a sailing experience in Portugal.

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