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By: Margarida CunhaMarch 26, 2018


Shared experiences are a powerful tool for managers to build high-performing teams. They help to define company’s values, norms, and behaviours that allow people to get work done more efficiently and effectively. An incentive travel is an investment that will create strong bonds amongst your staff, as it is a memorable experience that will bring your employees together for a shared experience that will motivate and inspire them.

Shared Experiences Create Bonds

The contemporary society is now valuing experiences more than ever: the way businesses differentiate is through experiences. Consumers are not looking just to buy a product anymore, they seek something they can live and embody. This also happens with staff in a company.

According to a study from Incentive Research Foundation, it is increasing the importance of alternative compensations (such as experiences), more than a salary raise. Therefore, an incentive travel can be a greater way to compensate your staff for their hard work – and this is something they can enjoy as a team – reinforcing the message that your team achieved results together and creates greater team cohesion. Once a team is formed, ongoing shared experiences continuously elevate its performance.


Creative Thinking

Experiences are also very important as they can be a different way to communicate important messages.


If you want your team to be more effective in unexpected situations, for instance, perhaps you can organize a team building activity in which your team will face challenges that demand for quick response and be prepared for unpredictable conditions. If you pass this message after they have experienced together something they can relate directly to, this will have a huge impact in their way of thinking and working.

Keep your Staff Inspired

An incentive travel is an excellent way of inspiring your team, either for promoting a shared experience that will build camaraderie amongst colleagues but also for building trust. When people share a travel together they get the opportunity to know themselves and the organization better, by sharing moments and communicating in different contexts. This will make them trust each other more, which will result in more effective problem-solving and greater ability to work as a team.


Loyalty and Organizational Culture

If your team is very heterogenous, an incentive is an excellent way of having them together as travel as a universal appeal and by organizing activities that please all will make them feel even more as team. Moreover, when sharing an experience as a memorable travel this will give your team another bond that goes beyond the workplace which increases their loyalty to the job, makes them happier and reduces turnover. Also, if this experience is shared to other people outside the organization this will send positive messages to others about how your organization is a happy place to work for, which is ultimately good direct marketing.


So, if you’re ready for your team to forge strong bonds through a shared experience, contact us today. We are ready to provide experiences like no other.

Margarida Cunha - Incentives Portugal

Margarida Cunha

Margarida Cunha is Copywriter at Incentives Portugal.
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