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By: Marta AfonsoFebruary 10, 2016

People often wonder why team building is important. Prospective clients or even event planners usually ask us that. And when we answer that team building is a crucial key of any successful business, they get (very) confused. But it is very simple, actually. Team building inspires workers and motivate teams!

Team Building is one or several group activities – with an emotional and pedagogical nature – planned and managed to achieve one simple goal: build deeper relationships among employees, in order to achieve higher levels of productivity and a greater team satisfaction. All of these in a relaxed and informal environment, away from the severe pillars of the company.  

Team Building Activities: Advantages

Promote unity and team spirit: team building benefits the team as a whole. Workers stay together and work to achieve a specific goal. And - with help and cooperation - they will be succeed.

Get to know each other and improve communication: when people who rarely work together are forced to communicate, they can discover that they enjoy the interaction and this relationship will last at the office. Team building helps break down the first barriers of communication by creating a “forced” interaction among the established groups and creates opportunities of (new) relationships.

Help participants to learn more about themselves (strengths & weaknesses)
: in a playful activity, and without realizing, workers give their best and they will probably find important characteristics that can be boosted.

Make the workplace more enjoyable: job satisfaction is an important part of a person's employment. Feeling worthy, part of a team and having a sense of achievement within the working environment are essential elements to happiness.

Improve team productivity:
after the team work, the socialization and the memorable team building moment, these relationships will replace individualism for cooperation among employees. After all, they now have something in common and an incredible moment to remember.

And do not forget: these activities must be a harmonious mixture of challenging, fun, adrenaline and strategy.

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Marta Afonso

Marta Afonso is Digital Marketing Manager at Incentives Portugal (Ecotravel Group). She is a Tourism enthusiast and loves compiling and writing about Travel Incentives. Being highly focused, it’s her personal mission to help you find the perfect location for the next event.

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