9 Reasons Why Portugal is a Great Destination for Corporate Travels

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By: Marta AfonsoDecember 16, 2015

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When it comes to Incentives Travel industry, Portugal has been receiving thousands of corporate travels per year. Discover why companies are incentivising their teams in Portugal.

An emerging destination for corporate travels

Portugal is a country with the natural advantages of a sunny country, plenty of traditions and welcoming people and stunning geographic and cultural features. These characteristics have turned this country into a chosen destination for many companies looking for an ideal place for their incentive experience.  

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In addition, all the locations that we suggest have a wonderful combination of several important services, including five-star accommodations and services, exceptional value for money, unique experiences and entertainment, exciting outdoors activities, cultural tours, live nightlife and delicious food.

The Westernmost Country of Europe

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal has more than 830 kms of coastline, providing amazing clean and clear blue beaches. This little country, with about 10 million people, is located at the westernmost point of Europe and also includes Madeira and Azores archipelagos. It borders with Spain, in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Warm and Calm Climate

Who doesn’t like a gorgeous sunny climate? The location of Portugal allows 3000 hours of amazing sunshine per year and 850kms of splendid beaches. With mild winds and soft winters, Portugal is a perfect holiday destination all year round.

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Diversity is an Order

Diversity is the landmark of Portugal. Land of great beaches and imposing mountains, here the tradition and the modernity blend together in a perfect harmony. And its amazing Gastronomy, fine wines and hospitable people, make this country a high quality tourist paradise.

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Efficient Travel Logistics

Portugal has now a well-developed travel infrastructure. With a range of four and five start hotels – some of them worldly awarded – it suits any budget. From elegant to friendly and executive hotels, all suggested destinations will fit your needs.

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In addition, Portugal has a premium selection of transfers services, venues, restaurants and other travel-related vendors, which made it a good destination for groups. 

Outstanding Venues

In Portugal you will certainly find the perfect venue for any meeting or event that you might have. And the sceneries are gorgeous: host an event at UNESCO’s monasteries, stunning palaces or even some renowned congress centres, acclaimed the best in the world.

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Team Spirit on the Rise

For those incentive trips that ask for an inspirational activity, Portugal is the perfect destination. With a wide collection of outdoor activities, with less or extra adrenalin, this country has a variety of entertainment activities that fit everyone’s wishes.

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So Easy to Get

This could be a very personal opinion but we consider Portugal the centre of the world. Why? Because it’s incredible how easy is to get this country to, with air, rail and road link to Europe, USA and beyond. An outstanding advantage!

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It's Safe!

Safety concerns it’s a demand in Incentives industry. Portugal can be a foreign country for your company, but your workers will feel it like home. Portugal has been considered one of the safest holiday’s destination in Europe and it has a high quality medical support and staff.

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Value for Money

Portugal is one of the less expensive countries in Europe. The coin is the Euro (€) and here companies can find high-quality services that fit all kind of budget.

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Awarding your team on budget… never was so easy! Therefore, send us a free quote and we design a personal program for you. Get in touch!

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Marta Afonso

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