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By: Margarida CunhaApril 09, 2018


If you’re planning an incentive travel, the safety of your team is probably a big concern. Portugal, with its rich history and gorgeous coastline, is a popular and beautiful place to visit. And it is considered the 3rd safest country in Europe for travelling. Discover 3 main reasons why Portugal is one the best destinations to travel safely.

The 3rd Safest Country in the World

The institute for economics and peace launched a study in which they ranked more than 170 countries to classify them according to their peace index as a response to the increasing concern with safety and violent manifestation across the globe. In 2017, Portugal was considered amongst the safest and more peaceful locations in the world, making it a great option for a corporate event.


The Good Weather

The fact that Portugal has a great climate and an above the average sunny days per year, makes it a great option for incentives travel programs. You can rest reassure to spend a great and safe time if you’re planning to have outdoor team building activities during your corporate event. Not only the peacefulness but also the great weather will help you to have a relaxed time with your team.


Welcoming Population

In travels with big groups of people sometimes the unexpected happens. If you contract a specialized team, they will take care of every detail for you and your group will have the best experience. However, if for some reason something does not go as planned, because they have so much experience dealing with all sorts of situations, they will be able to have a quick response, solving any unexpected issues. This will make sure your incentive is run smoothly and you can enjoy it as much as your team, because someone will take care of the situation for you.


Portugal remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Visitors here get the unique opportunity to experience anything from romance to adventure to rich culture and relaxation, all in one breath taking place. The landscapes are magnificent, welcoming people and the food is simply divine…

Contact us to know more about our incentive travel programs. We ensure that your experience in Portugal will be safe, exciting and memorable.

Margarida Cunha - Incentives Portugal

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