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By: Margarida CunhaMay 07, 2018


Algarve is a very well-known and an established touristic destination for its climate, sandy beaches, unspoiled sea coast, cultural attractions, cultural heritage, the fabulous gastronomy and fantastic venues. These are some of the reasons why Algarve should be the destination for your next corporate event. Discover some ideas for your next incentive travel program in Algarve.

Unique Experience in a Luxury Hotel


If you want to make your next corporate event memorable, you can plan a unique experience in a luxury hotel. Algarve has an excellent selection of the best resorts and villas where you and your team can have a first-class experience. These hotels are also prepared to big events, having a dedicated team of very professional staff that will make sure your event runs smoothly and is a huge success.

Outdoor Team Building Activity


Located in the south of Portugal, the Algarve is well known for its excellent weather. The mild climate year-round allows for a range of interesting outdoor activities you and your team can enjoy. Besides sea activities such as sailing, surfing, fishing or simply having a boat as the venue of a team event; you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings by trekking in the mountain, golfing or going on a hot air balloon trip.

Gastronomic Retreat


Just by the Atlantic Ocean, Algarve has fresh seafood and a variety of typical dishes that you and your team will be amazed for. From typical pastries, to fresh seafood delicacies, Algarve is a fabulous place to experiment the famous Portuguese Gastronomy. Challenge your team with a wine tasting or a cooking workshop, that will improve their communication skills and the team spirit.

Relaxation by the Sea


If you want to plan a relaxed corporate event, a seaside retreat could be a fantastic option for you and your team. Algarve has an amazing coastline and one of its numerous beaches was considered the best beach destination in Europe for 2018. Immerse yourself in a slow-paced atmosphere and enjoy the great weather by the sea.

Discovering Local Culture and Traditions


The southern region of Portugal has a rich culture, with history and traditions to unveil. Many traditional festivities and folklore occur in Algarve all year round. Gather your team and enjoy some of the traditions together, absorb the locals’ culture and discover the more authentic side of Algarve.

Algarve is a versatile destination that will adapt well to any event. The region is well prepared for big events, offering accessibility, with direct flights from major European destinations; an amazing coastline paired up with a glorious weather that invites to outdoor activities and fantastic venues, including some of the best luxury hotels in Europe.

If you are inspired and curious about how to plan your next incentive trip in Algarve, contact us, and find out more about our ideas for your next incentive travel program.

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