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By: Margarida CunhaMay 14, 2018


A charming scenery by Douro River, fabulous heritage to discover, great weather and direct access, delicious gastronomy and secular wine making traditions. Porto is one of the most charismatic cities in Europe and we share with you just a few reasons why Porto should be the destination for your next corporate event.

Enjoy the Douro Riverbanks


Douro river is one of the symbols of Porto and it is not by chance. In fact, the whole city has been built around the river as it was the main transport path from other parts of the country. Plan some time during your trip to enjoy the riverbank area, considered as World Heritage by UNESCO, and appreciate its atmosphere. Enjoy the pleasant pedestrian access and the historical buildings. Invite your team for a peddy paper in the area, or if you feel adventurous why not going on a rabelo (typical boat) private cruise?

Discover about Port wine and Wine Making


If you and your team appreciate good wine, Porto is your destination for a wide range of wine related activities. You can include a wine tasting session in your event in which you and your team will get to learn more about wine blends and the history of Portuguese wine making in Douro Valley; or a wine blending workshop in which you and your team will create your own wine blend! Pair it up with a visit to the Port wine cellars and your incentive travel will be a great success!

Get Immersed in Porto City Life


Porto is a city with plenty to discover. From a great nightlife, to rich monuments to visit and a fabulous range of cultural activities, there is always something to do. Heritage sites, green parks with astonishing views over the city and fabulous cultural venues with some of the best music around. If you want to plan some relaxed moments for you and your team, choose a day for you to discover more about the city together and you will have a great time.

Enjoy Porto Gastronomy


Porto is well known for its great gastronomy. Fresh produce, great pastries and tasteful savoury tapas are some of the things you cannot miss. Porto has a menu for every taste. If you want to plan an original activity for you and your team, get together and make a gastronomic tour, in which you will be able to get to know some of the most emblematic places to eat out in the city and taste some of the most typical dishes. And if you loved Porto gastronomy, challenge your team for a cooking experience, guided by a professional chef and always to the sound of good music and tasting good Portuguese wines.

A luxury Experience in Porto


Porto is a diversified city and has plenty of choice for every taste. What makes it such an incredible city is that it has as much authenticity as sophistication. If you are looking for a singular experience, you can discover the best of Porto in a very exclusive way. With great luxury hotels and spas, you can prepare a relaxing event and surprise your team with an unforgettable program.

A fabulous destination with easy access by plane, very nice venues and inspiring things to do, we invite you to choose Porto for your next corporate event. Know more about our incentive travel programs in Porto.

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