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By: Marta AfonsoMay 18, 2017


Our largest yet less known archipelago stands by the name of Azores. Constituted by nine volcanic islands, the Azores' wild nature and striking beauty amaze every tourist and continues to amaze the locals as the grandiosity of the nature that surrounds them makes them feel humble and simultaneously lucky to live midst such magic and breathtaking landscapes.

It may seem like an exaggeration, but Azores beauty is different from many European islands due to the presence of a sleeping volcano in his territory. Adding to that, it is a great destination for you team do to the vast number of outdoor activities the Azores provide!


Our bragging of Azores is deffinitely supported by facts, we'll elaborate them for you so we share our knowledge and admiration for these lands and get you excited with the idea of bringing your team to this beautiful part of our country!


The highest mountain of Portugal can be found in the island of Pico. Whether your team wishes to hike the mountain to absorb the beauty of the island from up top or to simply hike only around, the view and landscapes are blooming and alluring in so many ways. It's truly a humbling and beautiful experience to visit this mystical island.


Flores, another island in the azorean territory is known for it's variety of lakes and ponds. Its landscapes are colourful, with plenty of flowers, green areas and clean blue waters. The ideal destination to relax, get in touch with nature and to do a great number of outdoor activities. For sure your team will enjoy the scenario!

Even though hydrangeas are not originally from Azores, these colorful flowers were introduced to the islands and are very common nowadays. Faial Island is known as the “blue island” due to the vast number of hydrangeas decorating it.


Azorean gastronomy is characterized as rich, peasant-based, hommie cuisine. Maybe your team would like to give it a try at cooking a typical Cozido das Furnas, a pot stew cooked by the hot springs!

The local gastronomy involves the finest local products. Typical azorean products involve locally-grown pineapples, sweet/spicy Pimenta da terra (cherry-red peppers,) and fresh rich dairy products such as local yogurt, butter and cheeses.

Queijo do Pico and Queijo de São Jorge are considered two of the best portuguese cheese's and they are both named after two island of the Azores. A tasting of these local products would boost your team's enthusiasm!


Hiking, biking, scuba diving, fishing, golf, whale watching, swimming with dolphins are all activities greatly enjoyed and undoubtedly worth doing when in Azores. All great enjoyable outdoor activities your team can participate in!

A cultural experience you wouldn't want to miss! Get in touch!

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