No man is an Island - Part 1 - Madeira Island

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By: Marta AfonsoApril 10, 2017


Our country is indeed small but so diverse! Within our territory are two beautiful and exotic archipelagos: Madeira Islands and Azores Islands. Luckily is getting easier as time passes to get affordable flights to these two portuguese paradises! A great opportunity for you to send your team on an Incentive trip!

You may not know much about these islands but we would like to tell you some facts which might change your perspective on them and make you realize how rich they are in nature, beauty and tradition!

Madeira the Atlantic Treasure!

On this part one, we'll list the most important aspects of Madeira and point out the delicious gastronomy, stunning landscapes and fun facts of these islands.

It is home to the biggest Laurisilva forest in the world, which relates to the fact that Madeira Island means Wood Island. It is the perfect site for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking around while enjoying the view.

Madeira has two typical drinks, the Madeira Wine, a sweet wine and the poncha, a delicious and fruity alcoholic beverage.


Madeira is known both for its springtime weather all year long but also for its great variety of flowers. Just to stand midst Madeira's natural scenarios is enjoyable, imagine the memorable moments you can have with your team there! There's also a Flower Festival celebrated every spring if you wish to see it!


Madeira has one of the biggest fireworks displays in the World. You must visit the island on New Year's Eve to witness this incredible event!

It is a great golf destination! Your team can give this sport a try. Also every year it hosts the Madeira Islands Open, an international golf competition.

It has the perfect combination between natural beauty and adventurous sports, therefore great for teambuilding! Scuba-diving is one of the most requested activities.


Porto Santo, known as the golden island in Madeira has an amazing beach with clear waters and it is consider one of the best beaches in Portugal! Its sands are known for having healing properties have special thermal qualities which helps heal orthopedic and reumatic disorders.

Madeira cultivates a species of banana you cannot find easily outside of Portugal. Short in size but intense in flavour is one of the most famous regional products of the islands.

Its gastronomy is much more exotic than the one in continental Portugal. In these islands, not only bananas grow but also anonas, avocados, mango, guava, passion fruit, sweet potato and many others.

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