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By: Margarida CunhaMay 24, 2018


Incentive travel is an excellent way of rewarding your staff for their good work, motivating them and promoting a better work atmosphere. Inspire yourself in some unusual ideas of activities for a unique and original event in Portugal.

Escape Games


Escape games are trending right now! These games, in which the team needs to find clues to be released of a locked room, are a great way of developing team skills. Therefore, this could be a great team building activity to include in your next incentive travel. Lisbon and Porto are excellent destinations for an activity like this, offering a very good variety of options such as escape games with virtual reality, escape games with historical narratives or even games in unique buildings, taking place in an entire house! Challenge your team for a unique experience and include this activity in your incentive travel program.

Street Artist Workshops


If you and your team are into the urban lifestyle, why not organizing a workshop with a street artist? You can go for graffiti workshop in which the whole team will get involved in painting a graffitti mural, or for a sand sculpture workshop in which the team will learn the the art of creating amazing projects with sand. Any of these activities promote teamwork and allow the creation of a common project in which all the team can get involved. Invite your team to become artists for a day and have a unique activity for your corporate event!

Classical Medieval Games


For a unique and amazing day out, challenge your team for a day of classical Medieval Games. In Óbidos, a Portuguese picturesque village surrounded by a castle as the perfect setting for this activity, your team will have a great time together, while learning more about history, the region, the gastronomy and the culture of the place. Invite your team to develop skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership while sharing memorable moments that will make your corporate event unforgettable!

Survival and Bushcraft


If you are looking for an outdoor experience for you and your team to enjoy together, Portugal is the perfect destination to do so. An unusual but very useful activity is survival and bushcraft, a team activity that takes place in Natural Sintra-Cascais Park, a place of natural beauty. With the mountain and the sea as the scenery, your team will learn about survival techniques, medicinal plants, how to make a fire and how to create their own shelter through bushcraft. This activity develops cooperation, leadership and enthusiasm, while promoting fast problem solving and communication.

Gastronomy Workshop


If you want to develop coordination, time management and teamwork why not invite your staff for a team culinary workshop in which they will be asked to prepare a meal together? Learn about the delicious Portuguese gastronomy and challenge your team to create something together. This will increase motivation and be an excellent moment to enjoy each other’s' company while working for the group and sharing food.

Portugal is an excellent destination that offers many original team building activities for you and your team to have a memorable time together. Contact us and learn more about our ideas for you next incentive travel program.

Margarida Cunha - Incentives Portugal

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