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By: Marta AfonsoJuly 11, 2017


Look it up. This is not an unsubstantiated phrase, it is a fact. Recent findings of the 2017 SITE Index Survey, produced by the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence  show incentive travel budgets are rising as companies are realizing the potential of corporate incentive travel programs.


The survey that SITE ran, showed that 80% of 599 incentive buyers called incentive travel a “strong motivator of performance” and all said it is “somewhat or very effective”.

Not only does the survey show recent positive results and positive feedback from incentive program buyers as it also conducted important questions on the matter to take further action regarding incentive travel in the future. SITE intends to supply case studies and models in order to provide companies with a way of tracking incentive travel results.


The study points towards two shortcomings in need to be overcome: lack of follow-up and tracking of quantitative results post incentive travel programs and disintermediation.

Considering the investment put into incentive travel, SITE highlights how crucial it is to do the aftermath, to verify and measure the impact of the incentive program in the companies and employees productivity.


Also, there is a clear tendency from buyers to go directly to suppliers rather than using incentive professionals – factor that has hurt their companies’ programs, as 57% of incentive buyers agree. Professionals can better customize an incentive travel plan, simultaneously preventing buyers from a great time and resource expend. An experienced incentive seller is constituted by a team of experts in the travel and incentive industry, thus better prepared to offer a well-planned, goal-oriented and on-budget travel plan.


2017 marks a turn in incentive travel, a groundbreaking way of teambuilding and rewarding great performance! Be part of this exciting movement and get your team on board!

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Marta Afonso - Incentives Portugal

Marta Afonso

Marta Afonso is Digital Marketing Manager at Incentives Portugal (Ecotravel Group). She is a Tourism enthusiast and loves compiling and writing about Travel Incentives. Being highly focused, it’s her personal mission to help you find the perfect location for the next event.

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