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By: Margarida CunhaMarch 05, 2018


We can risk saying that different generations are almost like different species. The tastes, values and preferences that differentiate millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are more apparent than ever. Let’s focus on the most recent generation: Millennials. They are becoming a very important human resource in today’s organisations. With the baby boomers retiring, this might create a shift in work motivation. Often criticized for being self-absorbed and addicted to social media, but this addiction can be seen as a desire for communication and curiosity about the world. Millennials are the most open-minded generation. Find out how they perceive the importance of travel incentives.

The Value of Experience

Millennials live and breathe technology and more than any previous generation they love to travel and explore new places, always looking for something new. Motivation can be triggered by many different factors such as work environment, professional accomplishment, salary, amongst others. Statistics proved that they usually prefer spending money on experiences rather than in things. To the millennials, an unforgettable experience is much more worth than a bigger salary, for instance. In fact, if you want to motivate the younger workers in your organisation, an incentive travel will definitely increase enthusiasm and boost your teams’ results.


Team Cohesion

Good relations in the workplace are, for this generation, more important than ever. To make sure all the team gets along well, an incentive travel is an excellent opportunity to develop bonds of friendship and camaraderie amongst the team by doing team building activities that will increase teamwork effectiveness. By being out of the daily routine is also easier to communicate in different ways that will develop a better work atmosphere. Besides, keeping they interconnectedness through social media, they will be able to share pictures of that exciting adventure, and feel part of a greater global group.


Felling Valued

Millennials appreciate gestures that make them feel valued. Making your team feel important, listening to them and recognizing their hard work are some of the attitudes that will make the difference. An incentive travel is a great way to prize your teams’ effort. By creating a program that will have excellent moments of rest combined with meaningful activities you will show your team how important they are for the organisation and that will make them feel more motivated in return!


 Core Values are the Key to Sucess

Millennials are defined by their pursuit of meaning in the workplace, as well as their active involvement in social causes. Company´s culture and its value ae of significance importance, both in recruiting as well as retaining them. Is very important that all your team feels part of the organisation. An incentive travel is the opportunity to reinforce those values through events or activities that will make your team members even more connected to the organisations’ ethos. You can organise an incentive travel and plan activities that help others at the same time. By living such an experience, your team will feel more integrated in the organisation and therefore, more motivated.


Meaningful Ideas

They are more likely to focus on teamwork, and tend to be very creative: they live in a generation that wants to be innovative and find creative solutions to problems. Therefore, if they feel that their ideas are worth for the organisation and can make a difference, this will be an incredible boost in their motivation. A kick-off meeting, as an example, or inspiring events in beautiful settings you will incentivize your team to think out of the box and come up with ideas of how to strengthen your company, ideas that go beyond the basics.


Keeping millennials engaged requires flexibility and creativity and Travel is one of the best ways to retain top millennial performers and see a lucrative return on your investment. Know more about incentive travel solutions

Margarida Cunha - Incentives Portugal

Margarida Cunha

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