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By: Margarida CunhaMarch 12, 2018


Porto was elected best European destination in 2012, 2014 and now again for 2017. What makes this city so appealing? With its old riverside center designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, full of colourful buildings, delightful streets, with a great food and wine scene, and its chefs picking up a growing constellation of Michelin stars. Porto certainty has a lot to offer.

If you are planning your next incentive travel, Porto is the perfect destination. Unforgettable experiences, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and rich cultural heritage. The city has everything for a successful corporate event.

Convenient Access by Plane

Porto airport is very convenient as the city is accessible from almost every corner of the world. Also, the city is well served with an efficient transport network, which is very important to guarantee a hassle-free event.


Delicious Food and Wine

The city is well-known for its gastronomy. If you are visiting Porto, you must try some of its emblematic dishes such as Francesinha (a sandwich with 4 meats, cheese and a spicy sauce) or Tripas à Moda do Porto (tripes of meat cooked in a savoury stew). You will also have the opportunity to taste excellent wines, as the Northern region is a demarcated wine region, offering a great selection.

If you are looking for activities to do with your team, a gastronomy lesson or even a Port wine tasting with a visit to the cellars are both great options.


Culture and Tradition

This city has a rich culture that embraces a balance between tradition and innovation. Just walking by the city you will see a combination of historic buildings and modern architecture in a way that creates a beautiful atmosphere. The historical quarters of the city were considered World Heritage by UNESCO for its cultural value. Whether you are planning a team building trip or a corporate event, you can book a tour with your team to see some of its beautiful cultural places and get to discover more about its rich history.


 Memorable Experiences

Porto offers a range of activities that can make your event unique. From relaxing programs to adventurous days-out, there is a choice to fit every expectation.
If you are looking for an indoor activity, you can opt for a wine-tasting session, a relaxing spa retreat or a cultural visit.

The good weather all year round also invites for experiencing the outdoors, and it is possible to do a boat trip by Douro river, or explore the surrounding nature doing canyoning or rappel.


Beautiful Venues

The city offers amazing infrastructure for any event. Porto is well prepared with hotels, congress centres and auditoriums with the staff and equipment to make your corporate event run smoothly. But mainly, you will find appealing places that can turn your event into a memorable experience. From ancient buildings, historical venues, wine cellars or even a boat by Douro river you will sure find the right venue for your event.


An is also a region to explore. The surroundings of the city, the Douro and Northern region are also very appealing, offering astonishing views and culturally rich experiences with the wineries, heritage sites and historical villages.

If you are looking forward to discovering more about this fabulous city, we invite you to choose this destination for your next Incentive Travel Program.

Margarida Cunha - Incentives Portugal

Margarida Cunha

Margarida Cunha is Copywriter at Incentives Portugal.
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