From a Citizen To an Explorer: The Best Team Building Activities in Azores

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By: Margarida CunhaNovember 19, 2018

From a Citizen To an Explorer: The Best Team Building Activities in Azores

Mountains of greenery, flower blossom and the Atlantic Ocean make Azores an island with a lot to explore. Find our suggestions for team building activities while you discover this beautiful island with your team in your next Incentive Travel Program.

Sea Activities: whale watching and swimming with the dolphins

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and offering a mild climate all year long, the Azores are a great destination for sea activities. If you want your team to live memorable moments together, a boat trip is a great way for promoting the involvement of all team members, while discovering the island from a unique perspective. Going on a boat through high seas is an exceptional team building activity, in which you will have the opportunity of seeing nature in its purest form by watching whales or swimming with the dolphins.
Besides fomenting a spirit of camaraderie, this activity is very inspirational and stimulates creativity, while reinforcing the identity of your organisation.

Adventure and Adrenaline: canyoning, kayaking and stand-up paddle

Azores are volcanic islands, with many waterways, unique landscape and pristine green land in which is possible to enjoy a variety of outdoor adventure activities, such as canyoning, kayaking and stand-up paddle. Each one of these activities are excellent to promote team cooperation, develop problem-solving, while discovering the wildest spots of Azores in a very energetic way. Embrace this challenge with your team and explore the island in a very adventurous and memorable way.

Nature and Contemplation: bird watching

The green islands of Azores are a paradise for a variety of animals. For its bio-diversity, this island is perfect for bird-watching, as more than 400 bird species live there. By doing a pleasant walk through some of the most beautiful and hidden landscapes of the islands you and your team will be able to watch some of these species, while getting to know more about them. This activity is excellent to promote team union, patient and persistence.

Fun and Exploration: jeep safari

If you and your team want to explore the Azores off the beaten track, then embark on a fun activity by doing a jeep safari through the less-known spots of the island, in which you will have the chance of seeing some of the most beautiful landscape. This team building activity is a great way for involving the whole team, develop cooperation and reinforcing organisational identity. Besides being fun and didactic this activity will increase staff motivation and promote good working atmosphere.

Relaxation and enjoying the sun: walking and bike tours

The beautiful landscape of Azores and its mild climate are an invitation to relax and enjoy being outdoors. Discover the island at your own pace, enjoy the moments of fun with your team in an activity that can tailored to your own needs and be done by everyone, perfect for any team. Besides discovering incredible landscape and enjoying beautiful locations, only accessible by foot or bike, these activities are highly motivating and inspire creativity by promoting direct contact with nature.
In this team building activity you will be developing the organisational culture, improving teamwork and stimulating self-confidence in your staff.

Azores are the perfect destination for team building outdoor activities. Whether you prefer sea sports, land sports, adventurous or contemplative, the green islands offer a choice for all teams and expectations. If you feel inspired to do your next Incentive Travel in this world-class destination, discover more of this destination and contact us now for a tailored quote!

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