3 Leadership Behaviors That Built Team Trust

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By: Margarida CunhaFebruary 12, 2018


Trust is crucial for any organization. It is what creates a bond between you and your team, leading to higher motivation levels, more participation and, ultimately to better results. Discover 3 ways to increase trust in your company.

1 - Trust your Team

Trust is a two-way street. If you want your team to feel confident about your ideas, and admire you as a leader, you need to create opportunities for your team to be autonomous and trust that they will find the best solution. Delegate important tasks to team members and show them you trust their best judgement. Keep in mind that building trust is an on-going activity and sometimes can be challenging. A good way to make it easier is to arrange ways in which teams can relate outside the working environment, like booking an incentive travel program, or a team building activity, for instance. This will stimulate a friendlier approach amongst you and your teams and will make communication easier, contributing directly to a trustful atmosphere.


2 - Listen your Team

Make yourself available. It is natural that you have a very busy schedule but finding the time to your team is essential for good leadership. Find the time to listen to your teams’ ideas and show them you enjoy doing so: brainstorming can be extremely beneficial for a business as it can originate innovative solutions to problems. Also, if there is a conflict or someone does not feel good about an aspect at work, it is fundamental that you try to understand the problem in order to solve it in the best way possible. As well as being available, it is also important that you show your team you are open to their ideas and thoughts by creating moments, like kick-off mettings, when people can share their opinions. This is a very beneficial practice to improve the working atmosphere.


3 - Motivate your Team

Bring happiness and joy into the workplace. In periods of stress, tight deadlines and fatigue, sometimes is easier to forget one of the most important rules of good leadership: to inspire others. In order to boost others energy and motivation, you need to be inspired yourself. Don’t be afraid of being bold, just make sure your workplace is a happy place. There are many ways to create a fun working environment. Create a casual Friday day in which everyone can be a bit more relaxed and sits together at lunch time. Create a workplace playlist with everyone’s favourite songs and choose moments when it is okay to play it. Change the office decoration using vivid colours and ask your team to participate with their ideas. Book an incentive trip to reward your team for their hard work, and plan some team building fun activities that will boost the teams’ motivation: Portugal is a great option. Make everyone love their jobs and don’t forget to make sure your team knows how much you appreciate their effort.


Never underestimate the power of investing in your team: if they feel truthfully valued they will be very motivated and go the extra-mile for the company’s goals, which will increase productivity and boost results.

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